Uncle Sam’s Money Review

Rated #1

Uncle Sam’s Money is the most professional of the sites we’ve selected as our top 5.

Grants listed at Uncle Sam’s Money include smaller grants and larger grants. Smaller grants on the order of $1,000 are appropriate for short-term need, while the larger grants are appropriate for those starting a business. Uncle Sam’s Money includes grants specifically to help women start a business, pay for child care, and more. Minority grants are also available. State grants are also listed.

Uncle Sam’s Money provides you with a number of free bonuses, including a wealth of grant writing tutorials and a foreclosure directory for locating inexpensive property.

Far and away the best feature of Uncle Sam’s Money is the consultation with their Grant Start-Up specialists. The specialists will help you find grants you qualify for, and help you through the grant application process. Once you have applied for and gotten a grant, you won’t need this help for future grants. The first time can be quite confusing, though, and a mistake in your grant application can disqualify you from grants you otherwise would have received.

Uncle Sam’s Money also offers a money back guarantee. If they cannot help you find a grant you’re eligible for within 60 days, they’ll refund your money.

As our top pick, we don’t think you can go wrong with Uncle Sam’s Money.