Program Overviews

Each of the programs we’ve picked to present has passed our stringent review process to be selected out of the hundreds of programs available on the Internet. Yet even among the best programs, some are better than others. And depending on your individual situation, one program might work better than another for you.

This gives you a summary of the programs we’ve selected along with the characteristics we’ve used as part of the review. See the review links on the right side of the page for more details, or just click on the program name to see their web page.

Program Name Consultation Available Needs Grants Educational Grants Business Grants
Uncle Sam’s Money
Federal Grant Source
Dollar Grants
The Truth Behind Government Grants
Getting Government Grants

Consultation available shows whether the program offers a personalized consultation, as opposed to simply providing you with a list of grants available. Personalized consultations can be helpful if this is your first time seeking donations from the government.

Needs grants are those that are given to assist individuals in times of trouble with mortgage payments, utility payments, medical expenses, etc. Educational grants are designed to help those who cannot pay for an education to receive one. Business grants are designed to allow an individual or partnership to start up a business where they might not have the capital to do so.

All money available through these programs are grants, and do not need to be paid back.