Minority Grant Money

This article talks about government grants that are available to minorities to start businesses. Given the government definition of minorities, the majority of the people in the United States probably qualify! A government grant to start a new business is a great way to build an independent income. Also look for the Service Core Of Retired Executives, who provide business planning advice for people starting new businesses.

Minority Grant Money
By Alex Zenden

According to a report recently released by the Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce, minority-owned businesses grew more than four times as fast as U.S. firms overall. Since 1992, these businesses have increased from 2.1 million to about 2.8 million firms.

Part of the reason for this unexpected growth is because the government is making more grant money available.

Minority Grant Money is a type of funding given to deserving individuals belonging to a minority. The funds may be for the purpose of fostering education, benefiting a community where most of the population is made of minorities, and generally facilitating development in every avenue.

Grant money may also be given for projects, or for things like research, scholarships, or seed money. A project or a program is a creative plan of action that has a specific goal, usually community-based. Grantors generally want to fund new and innovative programs. So if you have a new program in mind that has never been done before and designed to help forward the cause of minority groups, then its possible for you to get government funding for that program.

However, if you feel that your idea is not innovative enough, take heart. There are instances where grant money is used to fund programs that have already been implemented. The only criteria, in this case, is that all previous programs similar to yours should have proven successful.

Info: Minority small business grants can assist in starting a new business or maturing an existing business. There are several small business grants available that are strictly for the minority population including the disabled, elderly, and women.

If you are an small business owner that is a minority and you are looking to obtain one of the small business grants you need to be able to tell them how your business would survive if you didn’t get the grant. The minority small business grants board will be looking for a three to five year business plan from you. They will want to see where you have been and where you plan to take your business.

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